Types of Anxiety Disorders

Before starting the treatment of anxiety disorders, it is necessary to recognize its symptoms, understand the nature of this state, and find out why the patient has it. There are a few different types of disorders and they may need different treatment and medications.

The type of anxiety disorder depends on its symptoms. There are many patients with such a problem and they may have very different symptoms and medical history. That is why the doctor needs to know more about the problems of the patient and issues that might cause these problems.

Each type of anxiety disorder is a problem and needs to be treated. If a patient doesn’t do anything to solve it, the symptoms will be felt more often, making this patient less socialized and increasing negative emotions. To avoid it, every patient needs an appropriate treatment.


It is a type of anxiety disorder when people become anxious in open spaces or unknown places. It makes them feel like they cannot control their life, causing shaking, trembling, and other symptoms. Agoraphobia is a problem that makes people stay at home and be afraid to go out.

This disorder also makes people feel worse when they are in public places. If they see many people around them, it may cause worrying, sweating, and other symptoms that are common for this type of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Caused by Medical Condition

Problems with anxiety and panic attacks are sometimes caused by other health problems. If a patient has some disease and does not look for treatment for a long time, this disease may progress and turn into many different symptoms.

Of course, it is needed to solve the main problem and treat a patient from a disease that causes anxiety disorders. However, the doctor and their patient also need to pay much attention to the disorder and find the ways to fight it.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

When a person is worrying about something like a wedding, exams, or Christmas present, it is normal. However, is someone has persistent and excessive anxiety and worry too much about small things, it may be symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

If the level of anxiety is much bigger than the meaning of something that the person is worrying about and affects physical condition, there is a need to visit the doctor. Such anxiety is hard to control so people can’t fight it easily even if they want.

Panic Disorders

If a person has such a problem, they become a victim of panic attacks. They feel short or long periods of anxiety without any reason. It causes problems because people start avoiding places or situations when they may feel panic.

Social Anxiety Disorders

Most of people worry about what others think about them. However, sometimes such worrying turns into anxiety, embarrassment, and make people avoid others. Such a disorder is a reason why some people don’t want to contact with others.

This type of anxiety disorder is a big problem for people who suffer from it. It doesn’t let them work and study normally, meet their friends, and do other social activities. That is why it needs to be treated by professional doctors.

Selective Mutism

Children like to speak with other children and adults. However, sometimes it is difficult for them to speak at some places or in specific situations. Children with selective mutism may feel symptoms of anxiety disorders when they are at school, at home, or in other places.

It makes them stop speaking even if they want or need to do it. It has a bad influence on their studying, communication with friends, and doing homework. If the anxiety disorder is treated in a young age, the patient may get rid of it when they become older.

Separation Anxiety Disorder

This type of anxiety disorder is also common for children. They start feeling anxious when they are separated from their parents or other people who have the role of their parents. It is normal for babies but may become a problem when children get older.

With this type of anxiety disorder, it is difficult for children to start thinking like adults and learn to do things by themselves. People cannot stay with their kids all the time and this is the reason why this disorder also needs to be treated.

Xanax versus Anxiety Disorders

When it comes to fighting different types of disorders, Xanax is a commonly used medication for it. It has already shown good results in treatment of anxiety disorders that include agoraphobia, panic attacks, and other symptoms.

Before using Xanax, it is necessary to read all the warnings and ask the doctor for a prescription and correct dosage. Xanax also has its side effects, so if you feel some of them during treatment, it may be a reason to stop using this medication.